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Plastics in the packaging industry from Printed Tape

Plastics make ideal packaging materials for all sorts of commercial and industrial users. Designed and engineered for very specific needs by exploiting their almost limitless adaptability, plastics packaging is essential for processing, storing, transporting, protecting and preserving products. Packaging is the largest consumer of plastics; over 50% of all Europe’s goods are packaged in plastics yet, by weight, these plastics account only for 17% of all packaging! Significant efficiencies in plastics packaging have been achieved, so that today the average weight of packaging for a given product has reduced by 28% over the past 10 years.


Printed packaging tape is generally used to seal boxes, and is also used as an effective low priced Advertising Tool.

Used by the smallest of and big brands around the world printed tape is ever growing in popularity. Any size of company big or small can use our custom printed tape service as our minimum order is just Thirty six rolls.

As Custom Printed Tape Specialists, we can print both Polypropylene and Vinyl Packaging Tapes in-house so that we can provide our potential buyers with the best quality products, at the best price and with the shortest lead times. Because we print all of our printed packaging tapes in house we can produce and provide the best prices at the best quality both in the UK and around the world.

There are various advantages gained by utilizing a custom tape apart from just sealing your boxes securely,the continuousdesign behaves as a visible tamper evident measure and supports your product whilst in transit. It’s also a great product to increase your brand recognition. Contact us today for a bespoke quote.

We can print packaging tape in a range of lengths and widths, the minimum quantity we manufacture custom printed tapes in is 36 rolls, this is 1 box of tape. We can print tape in widths perfect for your desired usage, from 12 mm wide all the way up to 144 mm wide tapes. The length of the tape on every roll starts at 66 meters per roll, however we can go up to a incredible 990 meters per roll. Tape rolls at lengths of 990 m are most frequently called machine tape and are used within manual and automated packaging lines fed to box taping machines. We also source Tape Dispensers and Box Taping Machines.

When you use a made to order packaging tape it gives off the impression that your business takes pride and value in its marketing and presentation.


We can produce custom printed tape in a range of widths and sizes

We can print your tape design in up to a maximum of 7 colours, we design & print all tape jobs ourselves.
You can choose the substrate you , PVC, Polypropylene or Low noise acrylic which are all great substrates, You can choose the substrate you require, PVC, Polypropylene or Low noise acrylic which are all great substrates.

We have a dedicated state of the art in house artwork department ready to edit or create your printed tape designs.With an on site studio department we have invested in a team of designers dedicated in designing attractive packaging tape artwork to boost your brand.

We have a large sample collection ready to send you of which we can show you our previous work.

We do alot of charitable organization work & events.

From your first initial enquiry to the finished product, shipping and delivery can be as short as 5 working days. That’s fast!

We can quote you from 1 rolls of custom printed tape all the way up to 3000 instantly over the phone.
We can offer free professional design for your tape and same day proofing for urgent jobs depending on the quantity.

Tape printed with a logo or message is an effective way to advertise and promote your brand, give information about the handling of your product, or differentiate items and shipments. Our in-house tape printing team in the UK has over 30 years’ expertise in converting and printing packaging tapes so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your branding is in good hands.

We are experts in the manufacture, design and supply of high quality printed tape and unprinted tapes, for packaging, marketing, crowd control and pipework identification. We are the UK and Europe’s reputable of printed tape due to our quality supplies, service, commitment and honest price promise guarantee. With our in-house production and design facility we control all aspects of order fulfillment from the placing of your order to delivery. We offer our customers superior quality at outstanding prices and a first class service which we make certain to be unbeaten . If you are looking to improve and promote your company image and also seal your boxes and cartons then look no further.

We can manufacture Printed Tape, Barrier Tape and Printed Paper Tape.

We’re also the UK’s leading manufacturer of personalized printed tape due to our top quality materials, service, commitment and true price promise guarantee. In addition to the speediest lead times in the industry and the lowest minimum order quantities available.

With custom printed tape for sale at unbelievable prices contact us today for a quote.

As we print all of our custom packaging tapes in house we can provide excellent quality at remarkable prices for you, both in the UK and Worldwide.

Every one of our printed tape products can be custom printed to your exact technical specifications we also match colours to your pantone reference.

We strive to make the process as stress-free as possible to order just send us a copy of your logo/design and our in-house design team will do the rest (visual proofs supplied within 36 hours).

Buy printed tape immediately.

The following are just some of the benefits offered by plastics packaging:

  • Food conservation and preservation
    Plastics packaging protects and preserves perishable food for longer, which reduces waste and the use of preservatives while maintaining the taste and nutritional value of food.
  • Convenient and innovative
    People want packaging with clear identification and labelling and which is easy to open and use. Every year plastics packaging evolves to meet the changing demands of modern society.
  • Safe and hygienic
    Plastics packaging protects against contamination in foods and medicine and helps prevent the spread of germs during manufacture, distribution and display. Tamper-proof closures provide added protection and security. Transparent packaging allows people to look at food without having to touch it, cutting down on bruising and other damage.